Brow wax
Brow wax

Brow wax

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4.190 kr
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With this brow wax you can style your eyebrows super easily and quickly.

The brow wax is a bit milder than the brow jam, think of it as an intermediate way between brow gel & brow jam.

The product provides more volume and structure in your eyebrows & keeps the eyebrow hairs in place.

The brow wax has a wonderful subtle scent of aloe vera & is richly filled with castor oil.

Castor oil is moisturizing, restorative & strengthening for your eyebrow hairs, it also promotes hair growth.

The brow wax does not leave a white cast on the eyebrows.

The brow wax comes in a handy tube with spoolie of 15 ml.

  • Vegan and animal testing free
  • 15 ml
  • opened shelf life 6 months